Exhibit Scheduling and Guidelines

Interested exhibitors will need to have CGIS or other Harvard Center/Department sponsorship. Harvard Student Groups are also welcome to exhibit work; the same application process applies. 

Please review and fill out the CGIS Exhibit Proposal form, and submit completed forms to Bettina Burch.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for initial proposal review. 



1.    A valid 33-digit billing code is needed before your show reservation can confirmed. 
2.    The exhibit sponsor is responsible for arranging installation and removal of exhibit.   

3.    You will need to have a sign (vinyl stencil-lettering, preferred, poster foam-core or gator-backed) created for your exhibit with: Exhibit Title (300 + point size) Artist (if applicable), Time Frame (200 + point size), and Sponsors including CGIS affiliation. Please ensure that it is hung so that it is plumb, if not, it will be removed and a new sign requested.

4.    Exhibits must not create a physical hazard or impede normal use of the space. In addition, please ensure that the exhibit is assembled is plumb/square and that it will not come apart or fall off the wall.   

5.    Re wall adhesives, please use a non-permanent 3M Velcro tab, taking care to adhere and remove properly. Please do not use two-sided tape, glue, or duct tape on any surface, as all can result in considerable damage and cost significantly more time/money to remove. (No vinyl or stenciled lettering should be adhered to FFC’s black egg-shaped café wall or the South Concourse’s green curved wall.) 

6.    An exhibitor needing installation help (and this is recommended) can call Gary Comeau (617-504-9012, $60/hr). If another vendor is used, please ensure, beforehand, that they have been cleared by CGIS Operations and that all insurance needs have been met.                                                                                        

7.    Walls are checked before and after exhibits for damages to ensure that, if repairs are necessary, the proper party is charged. If party fails to pay, the 33-digit billing code provided by the sponsor will be charged the balance due. Please note that wall damages such as scuff marks or normal wear-and-tear are not included in patch-and-paint charge, but any pencil marks should be removed or additional cost may be incurred. Estimates of wall repairs and installation details are supplied, which includes a diagram/layout of space indicating where work can be hung and/or installed. (Please no nails can be used on black egg-shaped café wall and nothing should be installed on the curved green wall in the South Concourse).   

8.    Walls that are not listed on the patch and paint sheet, but which the exhibitor hopes to use, must be discussed prior to signing the guidelines.  

DAMAGES: Any wall damage from using nails, hooks, wall mounts, etc. that penetrate the wall or remove the paint will require patch and paint (see correlative diagram of walls with patch/paint costs).     

EXHIBIT MATERIALS/PROPS: CGIS has materials or props that it’s acquired through the years. If interested in viewing, please schedule an appointment. Any materials/props used will need to be signed out. Sign-out sheets will be made available at time of request and all items are expected back free of significant damage, or additional costs will be incurred.    

PARKING: For catering or loading/unloading art work, temporary parking should be requested in advance. 

RECEPTIONS: Any rooms scheduled in conjunction with the exhibit should be done through the CGIS Exhibition Coordinator: bburch@fas.harvard.edu

1.       This includes furniture-moving, security, or catering needs. 
2.       If interested in inviting CGIS folks to your exhibit, besides notifying HCOM, please send a poster or invite to Bettina at bburch@fas.harvard.edu and the information will be disseminated within two business days.

SAFETY: Any ladders or lifts used should be mounted by Harvard affiliates or CGIS-approved vendors only! When using the ladder or lift, caution tape should be used (which we can supply) to rope off the area. When using the 8-foot ladder or lift, two people should be present: one to climb and one to support them.  

SECURITY/INSURANCE: Neither CGIS North or CGIS South have security for rotating art exhibits. The buildings are generally unlocked and open to the Harvard community Monday through Friday, and for special events evenings and weekends. While Harvard University insurance does not cover any exhibit materials, you can obtain an insurance rider via Harvard Insurance. If interested please request an Insurance Coverage Questionnaire, which you will need to fill out prior to contacting Harvard Insurance.